Facts to Know About Promo Codes

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Promotional codes, simply promo codes are marketing strings used by e-commerce stores to encourage purchases. Promo codes often form part of a broad marketing strategy. Promo codes work differently depending on the type of marketing campaign. For instance, marketers might offer promo codes for an entire order or a single product.

How Promo Codes Work

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There are different types of promo codes. As much as the sole objective is to provide the customer with a discounted rate, the discount can be expressed as a percentage or a fixed amount. Some promo codes are also meant to offer customers free shipping or gift-wrapping. These promotional campaigns are all about giving customers a reason to buy certain products or at a given store.

There are three main types of promo codes. They include:

  • Public codes: Anyone can use these codes, and are mostly used to entice new customers and encourage existing customers.
  • Private codes: These codes are designed to target a specific group of people such as loyal customers. Promo codes designed exclusively for first-time can also be classified as private.
  • Restricted codes: A restricted code is meant to be used by a single user.

Why Promotional Codes Work

Promo codes are a tried and tested online marketing campaign. E-commerce stores offering promo codes essentially provide their customers with an incentive to buy. This market strategy benefits both the business and customers. Customers can get what they want at a bargain, and the e-commerce store sells more.

Promotional codes are an effective method used to attract new customers to your shop. For returning customers, these incentives are meant to enhance the overall shopping experience. Getting a promo code has been shown to make shoppers excited, and this gives them a reason to shop at your store.

sales percentage offerTracking Marketing Efforts

Online marketers can track their market efforts using promo codes. Store owners can this by assigning special characters to specific marketing campaigns. This allows them to assess which platforms are generating the most traffic. They can then calculate the ROI offered by different marketing strategies, and this data can be used to design future marketing campaigns.

The marketing strategy and your online goals often inform how promo codes are displayed and used. However, it is essential to employ all types of promo codes to ensure no one is left out. CouponPlugin.io offers decent plugins that will see you provide a fully responsive coupon code.…

How to Pass Your Google Ads Exam

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How can you prepare for Google Ads exam in a limited amount of time? It is a good idea to have more time to prepare for any exams you want to pass. The following tips can help you pass your certification Google Ads exam.

Read Google Ad Guides

googleStudy guides are useful if you do not have experience in using Google Ads before taking an exam. It does not matter whether you have a working knowledge; it is a good idea to read and revise so that you can understand the different topics. Fortunately, Google provides study guides that can help everyone, including experts and beginners. You will learn how to use Google Ads.

Write Notes

It is a good idea to print the guides and write your notes. This can help you to understand the topic better. You can create a cheat sheet that helps you scan for the ideas. Write down conversions and formulas. In addition, you can come up with easy memory aids that can help you remember. You can easily check and browse for answers as the test is ongoing, but with limited time, it is difficult to do for each question.


There is nothing that can beat practice? As you write your own notes and study guides, you can open Google Ads account and try the different lessons they offer. If you have money you can run your campaign or find a business that you can help. It is advisable to search for vouchers so that you can find your campaigns. This should be an investment for your certification.

Join Forums

You need to talk to experts so that you can build on what you know. You can join the Google Ads community, post questions on Quora or Reddit. With adequate research, you can find a lot of information on Google Ads and certification.

Take Practice Tests

adwordsIn addition to reading various materials on Google, you should take tutorials. There are third-party experts on Google Ads that provide online courses and tips on reviewing the actual exams. The good thing about these practice tests is that they help you gauge how you can perform in the real exams. Moreover, they help you gain confidence before taking the actual certification. If you realize that you missed certain fundamental concepts, then you should go back to brushing up your lessons and reading materials.…